Fitness is one of the most important parts in our lives. When you skip workouts and all you do is your normal activities and eat, you may see your body turn into something that you loathe. You always have a chance to make your body healthier if you are out of shape so not all is lost, but prevention is better than a cure.

When you have a chance for a workout you should always take it. There are many things you can do with or without gym equipment. If you want to have a cheap workout, then run. You can also ride a bike if you have one. Letting you enjoy outdoor sights and get fresh air while you are doing a workout.

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The most essential part in doing outdoor workouts is generally the weather. Thus, indoor workouts is the only option depending on your situation. The problem is you have to have best home gym equipment if you want to reach your fitness goals. There are lots of machines for gyms, and you may not be able to pick all of them. We already have done a little research on the best home gym equipment and here are our top recommendations for gym stuff in your home that is affordable.

Nordic Track RW200 Rower

If you are looking for the most effective and efficient workout, then you have to go with this one. Rowing is the one of the best option as you can do a workout for both upper and the lower body. It also helps with balance and cardio so you will not need to add up more to a solid workout on this rowing machine. Nordic Track Rowing Machine is one of the best rowing machines that you can choose as it comes with a tough and compact design so it is durable and strong enough to last for years of workouts. It also won’t break the bank in terms of price and doesn’t require a huge amount of space in your house!

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Nordic Track X22i Incline Trainer

Basic gym equipment that almost everyone knows and has probably used is a good treadmill. Nordic Track X221 is just the example of probably the best home gym equipment at a good price that has all the good features you probably want. The rear motor will give you the best running deck without any issues of the equipment failing. Buy it and feel the difference on your regular indoor running machines.

So what did you think of our list of essential home gym equipment? Really a running machine and a treadmill can cover a lot of what you need. The only thing that it lacks is for the body building gym junkie. These will do little to help you with that cause. But for cardio, health and fitness these two machines cover a lot of what you will need!