Everyone wants to be in his or best shape, and look trim irrespective of age. But that is a dream hard to actualize without caring a lot about the body, especially the stuffs that you put into it. You might have tried various special foods or diets without much success, and have also met with similar results with ‘special diet foods’. It is rather easy to lose weight if you are persistent in your dietary approach and add these foods into your daily diet. Find out which foods to eat to lose weight fast.

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These can keep your hunger satisfied for longer due to their protein content. Protein is known to eliminate hunger cravings and can also prevent spikes in blood sugar levels that can result in such cravings. You can have eggs whole or have them scrambled or in the form of a vegetable omelet. Sprinkle some cheddar cheese or jack cheese and salsa on top, to get a filling, wholesome and delicious meal.


It aids the body in converting excess calories into energy, instead of fat and more weight. You can drink the juice of grapefruit or have fresh grapefruit prior to each meal, to lose weight faster. It is preferable that you consume half of a grapefruit or gulp down a serving of this fruit juice prior to a meal, thrice a day. This can help you to shed more weight.


These are a must-have in the diet plan of people who are trying to lose weight. You can have a dish of salad at the start of your meal to control the portions of food that you consume and your calorie intake as a consequence. With the salad, you can feel more satiated. You might hate the taste, but can use oil and vinegar to dress up the salads in order to burn calories much faster. With a sizeable salad dish every day, you can lose weight more quickly.


It is one more fantastic weight loss foods, and contains the natural appetite suppressant hormone known as cholecystokinin. When you consume beans, you can immediately experience a reduction in your hunger pangs. The natural fiber content in beans can let your stomach stay fuller for more time. This removes your food cravings and does not let you feel hunger. You can garnish your salad with garbanzo beans to make it more pleasing for your taste buds.