Working out each week for three times, a quick jog around the park, a yoga session for an hour or a visit to the gym appears taxing with your lifestyles. However, you will find personal trainers, gyms, and celebrities raving about high-intensity workouts, the latest equipment and protein shake to promote your fitness through Instagram. Stop worrying; here is a list of new top fitness trends 2018 worth paying attention.

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1) Ditch repetition

All are aware that repetition and high-intensity sustained a number of sets and reps are metabolic conditioning basics. Precisely, repeating fairly strenuous sets, without a break, at speed helps fat burning and speed up of metabolism. But, with it repetitive classes it gets boring. Now, the new trend is about The WOD referring to The Workout of the day.

a) WOD refers to two drills at the front and includes taking rounds as possible. This is a class of 55-minute with three equipment pieces namely Dumbbells, 12 or 16kg Kettlebells and skipping rope to improve your body form into stronger and lean. Each week results are posted to stay encouraged.

b) Cross-training. Mixing exercise regimes to enjoy working out such that it is a barre class one week and spin class the next week. Change is liked by all and the cross-training keeps reaching goals quicker. Bridging two disciplines for a workout of 90-minutes, such that it has yoga x HIIT, Yoga x cycle, and HIIY x cycle. These are effective in supporting long or short-term goals, besides helps in building endurance, stamina, and cardiovascular health.

2) Get height

a) Versaclimber. This engages all your major groups of muscles, chest, arms, back, shoulders, hips, glutes and legs, in a single natural motion of climbing. It is a cardio training low-impact option that is appropriate for anyone experiencing issues with treadmill or bike. It is a static climbing wall. Beginners to athletes, anyone can use this machine to educate, train and enjoy. You are sure to sweat and can track heart rate wearing the monitors.

b) Trampolining. NASA scientists agree that bouncing on a trampoline is effective than jogging. This fitness trend is gaining popularity. It improves coordination and balance, develops lower and upper body strength, cardio and lung capacity, endurance and muscular strength, and releasing endorphins. This is a high energy class helps to build muscles and also burn calories, in just one class.

c) Yoga wheel. This is an exercise of low-impact but offers amazing results. Ideal even for people with muscle pain or injury, builds fitness and stamina. Yoga wheel is adaptable to yoga practice of any level. It releases tension and offers deep stretch providing support to your body in yoga poses.