Health and fitness surveys conducted across the globe have revealed that people these days have become much conscious and doing everything within their means to remain fit. The average households are found to spend around an annual average amount of $130 on exercise and sports equipment. According to the experts, the average purchase rates of multi-purpose gym in 2011 in the US were $640. But the amount spent by people on exercise equipment entirely varies depending upon the equipment type preferred to be used and the number of features it had.

Cardio equipment

While equipping the home gym, it becomes essential to include at least once cardio equipment piece. The best treadmills range between $900 & $3,500 and an average of about $2,000. The elliptical trainer is popular cardio equipment which averages around $1,500. Hence, the major variables that accounts for rate differences include inbuilt workout programs, display features and durability.

Strength equipment

Resistance training equipment cost may vary widely, which depends upon selection of weight machines which work on specific muscle groups or resistance bands and free weights. Dumbbells prices range between $10/set to $400/set. Complete body training comes with an average price of $1,381, while the low end models are priced at $175.

Professional gyms

Owners of professional gyms are able to make up for the investments every year with every exercise equipment, installed by them for their clients. The professional facilities do boast of having more weight stations and cardio machines to meet the demands of the consumers. Often, the equipment is compared to home-gym equipment. The complete gym equipment system composed of weight equipment and treadmills is designed exclusively for gym owners. It is usually priced around $77,000.

Home gyms

There are innumerous manufacturers in the industry who have been coming out with different types of home gym equipments to meet the varying needs and budget of their clients. If you are on a budget, you can make use the stairs or jump ropes or run at open grounds to burn calories and for increasing heart rate, rather than buying the expensive and bulky cardio equipment piece. It is possible to achieve strength training with jugs that are filled with sand or water or with calisthenics. It will only require the user’s bodyweight to provide the much needed resistance.

It is your budget that will determine your purchase of home gym equipment. You can also consider buying and using second hand equipment that are in good condition.

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